Poems by Meridel

Communal Global Day

Let us seek each other in the villages of the earth,
In the root dark where we live in the dust,
Find us singing in the underground vein, the germinal seed,
  in the returning sun,
And bring our goodness to enormous, fertile and perpetual harvest,
Toward zeniths of noon.

Toward total expansions in crops of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Let us await each other in the village field,
In the new year, risen in ancestral dust, from the furrow,
From the loom of the people where, amid lamentations
We have loomed our life in pollen;
Where the leaves forgive the root
  and our children rise in perpetual sunrise, in immense globular light.
We await each other!

The light returns on no enemy faces,
  But upon the communal chorus,
Roused in villages of the earth, to cry salute and sing,
Shout in choruses of millions,
Rising toward communications, toward extremities of nadirs
Of total expansions, in the entire solar light, on all flesh,
On all fields and all villages
Roused from sleep, rouse us,
Let us seek each other and move from the violent, the broken, the predatory,
  To the enormous and myriad fertile and impregnated harvest,
  the global village
We sing with you in choruses of millions.

Meridel LeSueur

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