Selected Bibliography of Meridel LeSueur


The bulk of this bibliography is compiled by Neala Schleuning, published in America: Song We Sang Without Knowing: The Life and Ideas of Meridel LeSueur. Mankato: Little Red Hen Press, 1983. Updated in 2020 by Barb Tilsen.



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Children’s Books

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Collected Short Stories

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Salute to Spring. New York: International Publishers, 1940. Reprinted 1977, 1981. Includes: “Corn Village,” “No Wine in His Cart,” “Fable of a Man and Pigeons,” “A Hungry Intellectual,” “The Girl,” “Annunciation,” “Biography of My Daughter,” “The Dead in Steel,” “Tonight Is Part of the Struggle,” “Farewell My Wife and Child and All My Friends,” “Salute to Spring,” and “I Was Marching.”

Song For My Time. New York: West End Press, 1977. Includes: “Song For My Time,” “Eroded Woman,” “Summer Idyl,” “American Bus,” “Of This Time, Upon This Earth,” “The Dark of the Time,” and “The Return of Lazarus.”

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Uncollected Short Stories

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Selected Articles

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Selected Criticism, Reviews, and Interviews

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